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Advantages of Silicone Bowl


Silicone bowl compared with ceramic, plastic, hardware tableware, silicone tableware and temperature coordination, no matter the food is hot or cold, can protect the temperature of the food itself, reduce the change and loss of temperature, a period of time in the silicone bowl or basin of food can maintain the original temperature, in use will not transfer the corresponding temperature to the user.

And the silicone material itself has the particularity that is different from other materials, so that the products produced by it have amazing use effect. For example, landing silent dress food utensils, after high temperature cooking, will not produce harmful substances. And the tableware folds, kneads and flips, so silicone bowl doesn't take up space in your pocket or absorb oil. Its own desiccant effect, also will not be mildew because of long-term storage, qualitative change. Because of the characteristics of silicone temperature resistance, can withstand 240℃ high temperature without deformation, -40℃ will not produce hardening phenomenon, so this is a product with one stone, very practical, we can not classification of random into the microwave oven to go, do not worry about melting and aging and yellow phenomenon, and easy to clean, You can use less or no chemicals in cleaning agents, practical and convenient, very suitable for use in daily life. Silicone bowl can be folded, kneaded, turned over, does not adsorb oil, has the effect of desiccant, will not mold because of long-term storage, deterioration, and the silicone material itself is resistant to high temperature and low temperature, so the produced products will not appear aging or after high temperature heating melting phenomenon, very suitable for our life needs. Is a very recommended material of tableware.


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