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Kitchen Storage Rack Select key points


More and more things are used in the Kitchen every day, and they are more and more detailed. The small Kitchen Storage Rack is no longer able to be arranged and stored carefully. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase kitchen shelves with larger capacity to store items. So, what are the key points of kitchen shelf selection?

1. Consider the convenience of use

When buying kitchen shelves, we must give full consideration to the reasonable layout of the kitchen and people's habits in their daily lives. For example, the kitchen supplies and kitchen utensils that are often used and need to be used smoothly in cooking must be placed in a place very close to the cooking area, which is convenient for us to take. Items that are not commonly used can be installed or placed in an unused or remote part of the kitchen.

2. Consider saving space

In general, the area of the kitchen in the overall structure of the house accounts for a relatively small area. Therefore, the shelf must save space when choosing and installing, and try to use the position that extends upward.

3. Consider the classification requirements

When placing kitchen shelves, we need to carefully classify kitchen supplies. There are many kinds of shelves in the sales market, such as kitchen knife rack, condiment jar rack and dish drain rack, which can be installed in the appropriate position according to the type. For example, the drain rack can be installed around the dishwashing sink, the kitchen knife rack can be installed in the corner of the kitchen stove, and the condiment rack is installed near the area where people cook dishes. Sorting and organizing shelves will make people's kitchens look cleaner and more organized.

4. Volume

The size of the dish holder is closely related to the total population. For a large number of people at home, propose to choose a large capacity dish holder. With a small population, people try to use as few dish racks as possible, leaving plenty of space to make the kitchen look bigger.

5. Strong bearing shelving

When we choose Kitchen Storage Rack, we propose to choose a strengthened load-bearing one, so that the shelf is not easy to slip off and the use is more secure. Some shelves will be relatively light, in the wet condition, the storage layer is easy to slide and cause damage, and the purchase needs to pay a little attention to.

6. Foot pads must be adjusted

The selected Kitchen Storage Rack needs to be equipped with adjustable footpads to adjust the height and height according to actual usage requirements. It can be used well on uneven ground and is resistant to wear and anti-skid when placed on the ground.

7. Convenient disassembly and assembly

In the kitchen, there are a variety of kitchenware, such as: wooden chopsticks, water cups, dishes, bowls, storage height and location, demand is not the same, convenient disassembly and installation at the same time is easy to move.

The kitchen is clean and tidy, and the purchase of a suitable kitchen shelf has contributed greatly. The purchase of kitchen shelves needs to be made according to the requirements of kitchen use and population. That way the kitchen can be categorised clearly, clean and tidy, rather than messy, messy and dirty. In addition, people should pay attention to the material and quality of the shelf when buying goods, so that they can extend the service life of the shelf.


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