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Waterproof junction box features


The structure of the waterproof junction box is characterized by the junction box cover and the junction box body are connected with threads. Depending on the tightening force of the cover and terminal box body, the sealing ring made of heat-resistant black rubber is evenly pressed throughout the circumference, so that even if there is serious water vapor or harmful gas, it will be blocked by the well-sealed sealing ring and will not penetrate into the terminal box.

The waterproof performance of the waterproof junction box should be subjected to 5 meters away, spray water in any direction with a nozzle with a diameter of about 25 mm, and the water pressure before the nozzle outlet should be no less than 2 kg/cm. The test lasted for 5 minutes. After the test, open the junction box cover for observation, and no water should penetrate into the junction box.

The thermocouple and thermal resistance of the junction box with waterproof performance are suitable for the site where there is frequent water injection, such as the device in mildew or indoor equipment needs to be cleaned frequently. In addition, the waterproof junction box is convenient to assemble and disassemble. After the cover of the junction box is opened, it is also constructed on the junction box body with a chain, so it will not be lost. These are more suitable for high-altitude equipment.


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